Digital Signage

Digital signs are a great way to draw attention to your business. A high impact digital sign will dress up your building, attract customers and reflect your corporate branding.

Due to the wide variety of options in digital signage, choosing the right fit for your company can sometimes be confusing. Among the wide range of custom signs you can find LED channel letter signs, dimensional cut-out letters, fascia sign boxes, neon displays, pylon signs, wayfinding, electronic message centres and even awnings. Sunset Neon can guide you through the diversityand turn your branding concept into digital signage that displays your corporate image to the world.

Commercial awnings provide weatherproofing

The best entrepreneurs have used awnings to protect their customers from the weather for thousands of years. Long ago a commercial awning was comprised only for protection from the sun and rain; however awnings have progressed over time to include names and logos for branding purposes.

Now you can call on Sunset Neon for the best weatherproof eye-catching commercial and custom awnings.

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LED channel letters for your outdoor advertising
Channel Letters

LED channel letters are the new industry standard for outdoor lighted advertising. You can see examples of them everywhere. For effect as well as flexibility the LED channel letter sign is best in outdoor signage. A channel letter sign provides the greatest visual impact for the cost, and when you are looking for the best quality LED signs look no further than Sunset Neon.

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Try CNC signs for elegance and flair
CNC Signs

One of the least costly ways to advertise your business and attract customers to your location is using CNC letters. CNC signs (Computer Numerical Controlled signs) are an advantage because of the large variety of styles and materials available for the dimensional cut-out letter signs. Your options are limitless: the style and material for a CNC sign only depends on your building, corporate image and imagination. And since it may be helpful to have a bit of guidance with so many options many companies across Canada have turned to Sunset Neon.

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Encourage more donors with a sleek, elegant donor wall
Donor Wall

Donor Walls, which can be found in many non-profit institutions such as Universities, Colleges, and hospitals provide a great way for an organization to thank donors publically for their financial contributions or generosity. They may provide an incentive for potential donors to get involved with your company. Recognizing contributors with this display can help spread the word and reach the organization’s goals more quickly. Sunset Neon has decades of experience in creating beautiful donor walls for many non-profit organizations.

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Advertise your store with a fasacia sign
Fascia Sign Boxes

When looking over top of store-fronts or building entrances a fascia sign is the most common type of signage used. Although they are ubiquitous, fascia signs come in a large variety of styles, almost as many as there are types of businesses. From the simplest of flat signs to a more advanced illuminated option, an eye-popping sign on your building fascia may mean the difference between a potential client stopping or passing by. Whichever style attracts you, Sunset Neon can guide you through the process!

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Custom neon signs come in all colors, letterings, shapes, an
Neon Displays

Custom neon signs have been an important part of business advertisement for decades. They burst onto the scene in 1910 at the Paris Motor Show as ‘liquid fire’ and became popular for signage and displays from the 1920s onward. Although neon signs have declined in popularity over the past few years, they still remain a good choice for high impact colour and brilliance.

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A pylon sign brands your location
Pylon Signs / Electronic Message Centres

Pylon signs can help build a brand for your business location by attracting drive-by attention. These roadside signs provide excellent exposure to reach out to new potential customers. Sunset Neon can now turn a regular pylon sign into an electronic message centre for even greater exposure. Sunset Neon is a leader in developing pylon signs and message boards, and can help you increase your street visibility.

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Sunset Neon has the equipment for sign and awning installati
Service and Installation Coast to Coast

Sunset Neon has satisfied customers with sign installations and servicing for over thirty years. The company’s services include: awning and sign installation and repair, scheduled inspections, maintenance and cleaning, sign re-lamping and re-facing, sign refurbishing, and removal and disposal. Although Sunset Neon’s main attraction is in our design and production of signage and awnings, we stress the importance of quality installation, maintenance and servicing. Attractive brightly lit signs can help customers identify your location with ease, while burnt out poorly lit signage is unwelcoming. Sunset Neon understands the need for quality service and installation in order to maintain your advertising effectiveness.

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Wayfinding signage for improved traffic flow

Wayfinding signage is an important tool in directing clients or customers around your property. Moving traffic easily through a property can depend on how well visitors are directed and informed. Clients are often in a bad state of mind after arriving late to your destination due to bad, or no wayfinding. Sunset Neon strives to keep your visitors directed and informed with quality wayfinding.

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Ryerson University - Toronto, ON

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