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Fascia signs are essential for your advertising

A fascia sign is the most common type of sign you see over store-fronts or building entrances nationwide. But although they’re ubiquitous, fascia signs come in a huge variety of types and styles—almost as many as there are stores and businesses. From the simplest of flat signs to more advanced illuminated options, a smart-looking sign on your building fascia may mean the difference between a potential client stopping or passing on by. And whichever option attracts you most, Sunset Neon can guide you to the most eye-catching and practical digital signs for your business.

Sunset Neon knows fascia signs

Fascia signs from Sunset Neon can be fabricated from

  • PVC, the easiest and quickest manufacturing option
  • aluminum, lightweight and durable
  • translucent acrylic with vinyl graphics, the most economical 


For instance, using the flexible faced signage method of PVC fabrication, your fascia sign can be printed in any colors, any lettering style, and with any imagery, using UV-stabilized inks and printed directly onto PVC, which is then stretched over a frame. Outsize installation is no problem:  for the height and length of a fascia sign, the sky is the limit (almost literally in the case of height), and the depth is typically eight inches. Your imagination and your building, combined with Sunset Neon’s expertise, dictate the fascia sign’s look and feel.

Advertise your business with a Sunset Neon fascia sign

The main purpose of a fascia sign is to attract attention to your store or business. And a fascia sign is a medium that allows you a lot of variety in expressing your brand and culture. If your company’s branding is elegant and reserved, your fascia sign can reflect that image in PVC or acrylic, or in an advanced illumination style. For a more contemporary look, aluminum composite fascia signs can be cut and shaped with other substrates like aluminum for a funkier flavor. Sunset Neon uses their expertise to complement your creativity and develop a design that communicates your corporate image vibrantly, quickly, and cost-effectively.

For more about Sunset Neon's fascia sign projects, see The Body Shop and The Bay.

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Advertise your store with a fasacia sign
A fascia sign attracts customers to your business
Reflect your branding and culture in a fascia sign

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Mobilicity - Danforth Ave., Toronto ON

Mobilicity - Danforth Ave., Toronto ON

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